Nursery Barn Chart

Howdy Farmers! Here is a chart showing the foals and calves which grow into the same adult upon harvesting in the nursery barn.

Please note that : The baby animals might change anytime according to the game database and stop growing into the same adults perhaps the animals shown below grow into the same adult at the moment. Also keep in mind that it might take number of harvests to get the same adult, harvesting only once or twice might not work so don’t be sad if it doesn’t work in the first try, try again and again and it should work.

Suggestion: To grow your favorite baby animal in the nursery barn, only keep that animal in the nursery barn, remove all others. More number of that specific animal you have inside the nursery barn, there are more chances of getting the same adult.

Hover over on the image to see the names, Here you go!

Foal Grows In Nursery Horse! Foal Grows In Nursery Horse!
Royal Beauty Foal Picture1 Royal Beauty Horse Storm Pegasus Foal Picture1 Storm Pegasus Horse
Weeping Mini Foal Picture1 Weeping Mini Horse Dew Pegacorn Foal_$ Picture1 Dew Pegacorn
Winter Elf Foal_1 Picture1 Winter Elf Horse Fireworks Stallion Foal_5 Picture1 Fireworks Stallion
Snowflake Unicorn Foal_11 Picture1 Snowflake Unicorn Sparkling Bubbly Foal_10 Picture1 Sparkling Bubbly Horse
Glitter Pegacorn Foal_8 Picture1 Glitter Pegacorn Aurora Pegacorn Foal_14 Picture1 Aurora Pegacorn
Pink Balloon Pony Picture1 Pink Balloon Pony Balloon Pegacorn Foal_7 Picture1 Balloon Pegacorn
Icicle Pegasus Foal_# Picture1 Purple Icicle Pegasus Tapestry Foal_12 Picture1 Tapestry Horse
Confetti Foal_9 Picture1 Confetti Horse Ghastly Mini Stallion Foal_16 Picture1 Ghastly Mini STallion
Outback Foal_13 Picture1 Outback Horse Fireworks Unicorn Foal_6 Picture1 Firework Unicorn
Summer Stallion Foal_17 Picture1 Summer Stallion Firefly Pony Foal_15 Picture1 Firefly Pony
Cocoa Foal_24 Picture1 Cocoa Lunar New Year Foal_21 Picture1 Lunar New
Green Mini Saddle Foal_20 Picture1 Green Saddle Mini Rose Horse Foal_19 Picture1 Mini Rose
Smitten Pony Foal_22 Picture1 Smitten Mini Appaloosa Foal_18 Picture1 Mini
Mini Cream Foal_26 Picture1 Cream Mini Horse Cream Draft Foal_28 Picture1 Quarter Pony
Batwing Foal_27 Picture1 Batwing Horese Cream Clydesdale Foal_29 Picture1 Cream_Draft_Horse-icon
Black Foal_30 Picture1 Black Horse Blue Pony Foal_25 Picture1 Light Blue Pony



Calf Grows In Nursery Cow/Bull Calf Grows In Nursery Cow/Bull
Elizabethan Calf Picture1 Elizabethan Bull Sun Mask Bull Calf Picture1 Sun Mask Bull
Pinwheel Calf Picture1 Pinwheel Bull Singing Brownie Calf Picture1 Singing Brownie Bull
Dragon Calf Picture1 Dragon Bull Flower Bull Calf Picture1 Flower Bull
Holiday Calf Picture1 Holiday Bull Fire Calf Picture1 Fire Bull
Cool calf Picture1 Cool Cow Birthday White Park Calf Picture1 Birthday White Park Cow
Gaur Calf Picture1 Gaur Spanish Calf Picture1 Spanish Bull
Jester Calf Picture1 Jester Cow African Calf Picture1 African Cow
Mongolian Calf Picture1 Mongolian Cow Carabao Calf Picture1 Carabao
Groom Bull Calf Picture1 Groom Bull Dairy Calf Picture1 Dairy Cow
Bovonia Calf Picture1 Bovonia Cow Ankole Watusie Calf Picture1 Ankole Watusie Cow
Aurochs Calf Picture1 Aurochs Diving Bell Calf Picture1 Diving Bell Cow
Lunar New Picture1 Lunar New Cow Cocoa Calf Picture1 Cocoa Cow
Fall Fairy Calf Picture1 Fall Fairy Cow Yakow Calf Picture1 Yakow
Nightmare Calf Picture1 Nightmare Cow Holstein Calf Picture1 Holstein Cow

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