Farmville Summer Fun With Aimee Quest Guide & Tips

Farmville & Zynga have introduced the next and new all farm quest named as ”Summer Fun With Aimee”. So farmers, are you ready to have fun on your farms? Well, Here’s our full guide to help you get through these quests a little faster. Please scroll down to learn about em’.

Following are the Quest Icons & Reward Images:

At the Drive In Jump Right In!Putt-PuttBeach TimeS’more Smores, Please!Stargazing

Drive In DuckHop Scotch RooPutt-Putt Piggybook of xpCampfire TreeMystery Dart

How RomanticMy Bread and ButterShe Sells Seashells

UnwitherSeashell PegasusSunset Dragon

Here you go!  Click on the images to Enlarge/Zoom!


This quest will run from 27th of June to 10th of July, 2013.


I hope that you guys find this guide helpful. Please share if you do so. Stay tuned with Farmvillers for more updates & guides.

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