Farmville Puzzle House Quest Guide!

Farmville & Zynga have released a new set of  mini quest – sort of puzzle game.You’ll be able to play the 3 games and earn the rewards. Here’s our guide.

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Quest Icon Guide & Tips Items to Ask Rewards
     The Bird Puzzle Quest 1:The Bird Puzzle
Ask your Friends for 4 Bird Seeds
Harvest 100 Grain Crops
Harvest 2 Aviaries
Craft 2 Recipes
Reward: Flowergirl Duck
Bird Seed Flowergirl Duck
The Horse Puzzle Quest 2:The Cow Puzzle
Get 6 Milk Buckets
Harvest 5 Cow Pastures
Harvest 4 Livestock Pens
Craft 5 Recipes
Get 6 Cowbells
Harvest 250 Flower Crops
Reward: Daisy Cow
Milk Bucket Daisy Cow
The Cow Puzzle Quest 3: The Horse Puzzle
Get 8 Sugar Cubes
Harvest 300 Grain Crops
Harvest 8 Horse Paddocks
Harvest 6 Playpens
Craft 8 Recipes
Get 8 Horse Shoes
Harvest 300 Fruit Crops
Master 3 New Animals to Any Level
Get 8 Horse Combs
Reward: Carnation Horse
Sugar Cube Carnation Pegasus
Bonus Reward: Carnation Pegasus

Please Note: This quest is repeatable but however 

you maybe reward the bonus prize once only, this quest can be carried out on all farms!

Carnation Pegasus

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