FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 18 Quest Guide & Tips

Hey Farmvillers! Farmville & Zynga have added month long quest to the game once again, and named it as ”Jade Falls Chapter 18″. It’s the time to return to the Jade Falls for a while, Are you ready?, Well here is our full guide to help you get through these quest faster. Please Continue Below.
Jade Falls Chapter 18 Quest Guide

Expected Duration: 30th May, 2013 to 29th June, 2013
Quest Icons
Guide & Tips
Items To Ask
Quest 1: Water Reflections
Harvest 30 Red Nori (8 Hrs)
Harvest 30 Grouper (12 Hrs Water Crop)
Craft 2 Milk Teas
Reward: Siamese Friendly Fish Pond
Quest 2: Plentiful Thoughts
Harvest 35 Brown Rice (12 Hrs)
Harvest 35 Nori (12 Hrs Water Crop)
Craft 2 Hamachi Maki
Reward: Asian Rosewood Tree
Quest 3: Downy Time
Harvest 40 Chinese Cotton (23 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 40 White Cloud Tea (8 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest Asian Rosewood Tree 2 Times
Reward: White Komodo Dragon
Quest 4: Seeing Green
Harvest 40 Green Onions (7 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 45 Jade Bamboo (12 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest White Komodo Dragon 2 Times
Reward: Wandering Sage Gnome
Quest 5: Sun Spices
Harvest 45 Wasabi (16 Hrs Terrace Crop)
Harvest 45 Azuki (7 Hrs Land Crop)
Craft 3 Chow Meins
Reward: 1 Mystery Dart
Quest 6: Lotus Wonders
Harvest 45 Lotus (23 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 45 Chinese Daikon (7 Hrs Terrace Crop)
Master White Comodo Dragon to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Reward: Shiba Inu
Quest 7: Sleeping on It
Harvest 50 Edamame (46 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 50 Horseradish (12 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest Shiba Inu 2 Times
Reward: Olympic Asian Pear Tree
Quest 8: Inner Spark
Harvest 50 Imperial Tea (23 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 50 Ginseng (8 Hrs)
Harvest Olympic Asian Pear Tree 2 Times
Reward: Chinese Gazebo
Quest 9: Raised with Love
Harvest 55 Baby Carrots (23 Hrs)
Harvest 50 Baby Corn (23 Hrs)
Master Shiba Inu to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Reward: Moonbear Cub
Quest 10: Fire on the Mountain
Harvest 55 Snap Peas (46 Hrs)
Harvest 50 Sticky Rice (23 Hrs Terrace Crop)
Harvest Moonbear Cub 3 Times
Reward: 1 Book of XP
Quest 11: Forbidden Arts
Harvest 55 Sesame (23 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 55 Lowland Ginger (12 Hrs Land Crop)
Craft 3 Moon Cakes
Reward: Oriental Shorthair Cat
Quest 12: Finale Spectacular
Harvest 60 Jade Peanuts (69 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 60 Dragon Sparklers (8 Hrs)
Craft 3 Firework Flambes
Reward: Chinese Dragicorn

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