Farmville Enchanted Glen Chapter 7 Quests: Guide & Tips!

Farmville and Zynga are all set to roll out the chapter 7 of the Enchanted Glen Farm. You’ll be able to work on Dun Dun Dun quest, Bons Bons quest, My Own Sister quest, Hold on Tight quest, Magic Meter quest & Enchanted Armor quest!

Expected duration of these quests is from 18th February,2013 to 24th February,2013

Quest Icon Guide & Tips: Items to Ask Rewards
Dun Dun Dun!
Quest 1: Dun Dun Dun!

  • Get 6 Popcorns
  • Harvest 20 Ambrosia Tulips (1 Day Crop)
  • Harvest Home Mushroom 2 Times
  • Rewards: 150 XP, Spectator Bunny, 2 Magic Maples, 370 Fairy Points, 3000 Coins
Popcorn Spectator-Bunny
Bon Bons Quest 2: Bon Bons

  • Get 8 Bon Bons
  • Harvest 20 Nectarkin (1 Day Crop)
  • Harvest Spectator Bunny 2 Times
  • Rewards: 200 XP, Nix Gnome, 2 Raindrops, 380 Fairy Points, 3500 Coins
 Bon-Bonss  Nix-Gnome
 My Own Sister! Quest 3: My Own Sister!

  • Get 8 Handkerchiefs
  • Harvest 30 Fairy Foxgloves (1 day Crop)
  • Make Ambrosia 2 Times
  • Rewards: 250 XP, Tree of Sadness, 2 Fairy Dusts, 290 Fairy Points, 4000 Coins
 Handkerchief  Tree-of-Sadness
 Tip: Craft 2 Ambrosia in Fairy Kitchen using 6 Ambrosia Tulip, 6 Elfin Tea, & 6 White Grapes
 Hold On Tight  Quest 4: Hold On Tight

  • Get 8 Someone to Hug
  • Harvest 200 Boggart Bulbs (1 Day Crop)
  • Master Spectator Bunny to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
  • Rewards: 300 XP, Huggy Bear, 2 Magic Maples, 400 Fairy Points, 4500 CoinsTip: Harvest the bunny in Pet Run
 Someone-To-Hug  Huggy-Bear
 Tip: Harvest the bunny in Pet Run  Quest 5: Magic Meter
 Magic Meter  Quest 5: Magic Meteres

  • Get 9 Magic Meters
  • Harvest 225 Dark Dahlia (12 Hrs Crop)
  • Harvest Huggy Bear 2 Times
  • Rewards: 350 XP, Lucus Gnome, 2 Raindrops, 410 Fairy Points, 5000 Coins
 Magic-Meterr  Lucus-Gnome
 Enchanted Armor  Quest 6: Enchanted Armor

  • Get 10 Enchanted Armors
  • Harvest 250 Butterfly Roses (16 Hrs Crop)
  • Upgrade Home Mushroom to level 8
  • Rewards: 400 XP, Enchanted Armor Pegasus, 2 Fairy Dusts, 420 Fairy Points, 5500 Coins
 Enchanted-Armor-part  Enchanted-Armor-Pegasus

Please Note:These quests are locked to the Enchanted Glen farm, before doing anything (crafting,planting,harvesting etc) make sure that you’re doing it on the Enchanted Glen farm. Incase of any change to the requirements and rewards at the time of release by Zynga, we won’t be responsible, perhaps we’ll be sure to update our guide as soon as any update appears. The rewards and requirements are right as of now. GoodLuck!

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