Farmville Beat Celestial Pastures & Win a Free Shipping License

Farmville & Zynga have introduced the Beat Celestial Pastures event. Similar to the previous beat challenges, this beat challenge will also allow the farmers to complete small tasks and win a Free Celestial Pastures Shipping License and a Beat Celestial Pastures Trophy. Here is our full guide to help you get through these tasks faster. Scroll down to learn more.

beat space

Task Icon
1 Expand Space Ship to Level 7
Space Ship
3 Pack of Turbos
2 Master the following 12 Space crops to 3-Star:

Flava Corn, Milky Strawberries, Moon Mischief, Myne Melon, Ooval Tomato, Shard Skin Onions, Solar Flare Bean, Space Dust Sugar Cane, Star  Puff Cotton, Sun Fade Barley, Thuck Wheat, and White Dwarf Sunflower.
4000 Galaxy Points
3 Upgrade Space Guardian completely.
    Space Guardian
2000 Galaxy Points
4 Upgrade Crystal Cottage to 5-Star
Crystal Cottage
Instagrow Potion
  Ultimate Rewards For Completing All The Above Tasks
Beat Space Trophy
Celestial Pastures Shipping License

Click here for our Crop Mastery Guide – to Master the Crops faster required in this event.

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