Farmville Baby Animal Day Gift Special Countdown

Farmville & Zynga are soon going to update the countdown hub with a new 16 day countdown named as ”Baby Animal Day Gift Special Countdown”. You’ll be able to request your friends to send you a specific required item each day and unlock the rewards accordingly. We’ve collected the available images, have a look below to learn more about this upcoming countdown!

Play Pop-up


Following are the countdown day icons:



Look Inside!

These are the rewards assigned to each day:

Puma CubFennec KitDragon WhelpGryphon HatchlingBadger CubHedgehogletBaby Bird TreeBaby Flying FoxPotbelly PigletCorgi PuppyOtter PupEnglish Lop Kit

Lynx CubMallard DucklingBassinet TreeBaby Koala

     Bonus Reward: Babysitter Unicorn

       Babysitter Unicorn

Like all the previous countdowns, this will be repeatable as well!

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