Farmville Australia Chapter 3 Quest Guide & Tips

Farmville & Zynga are all set to put up the chapter 3 in the Australian Farm, although it is far away from now, but we have the heads up for now. Have a look below on the guide to know what you’ll be doing in the chapter 3.

Expected Duration: 6th May, 2013 to 13th May, 2013


Quest Icons Guide & Tips Items to Ask Rewards
Quest 1: Welcome to the Vineyard!
Get 7 Wooden Barrels
Harvest 30 Semillon Grapes
Harvest Daydream Island 2 Times
Rewards: 150 Xp, Bacchus Pig, 3000 Coins, 2 Volcanic Rocks
Wooden Barrels Bacchus Pig
Quest 2: Grape Crushing Gamble!
Get 8 Wine Press
Harvest 40 Australian Barley
Harvest Bacchus Pig Once
Rewards: 200 Xp, Black Wattle Tree, 3500 Coins, 2 White Sand
Wine Press Black Wattle Tree
Quest 3: Filters Found!
Get 8 Wine Filters
Harvest 50 Australian Sugar Canes
Make 1 Vinter’s Vest Recipe
Rewards: 250 Xp, Tasmanian Oak Tree, 4000 Coins, 2 Blue Seawater
Wine Filters Tasmanian Oak Tree
Quest 4: Buckets of Grapes!
Get 10 Wine Buckets
Harvest 60 Muntires
Master Bacchus Pig to Start 1
Rewards: 300 Xp, Wine Bandicoot, 4500 Coins & 160 AP, 2 Volcanic Rocks
Wine Buckets Wine Bandicoot
Quest 5: Time to Pour!
Get 11 Empty Wine Bottles
Harvest 70 Aussie Purple Peppers
Harvest Wine Bandicoot Twice
Rewards: 350 Xp, Steelwood Tree, 5000 Coins & 170 AP, 2 White Sand
Empty Wine Bottles Steelwood Tree
Quest 6: Corks and Shipping
Get 12 Corks
Harvest 75 Lillipilli
Make 1 Semillon Chardonay Recipe
Rewards: 400 Xp,Vintner Unicorn, 5500 Coins & 180 AP, 2 Blue Seawater
Corks Vintner Unicorn

Please Note: These quest are locked to the Australia Farm, Before performing any task make sure that it is being done on the Australian Farm. Incase of any change to the rewards and requirements anytime by Zynga we won’t be held responsible, We are not Zynga officials.

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