Farmville Atlantis Chapter 5 Quest Guide & Tips

Hey Farmvillers! Atlantis Chapter 5 is on the way with its 6 quests, are you ready to play it? here’s our full guide with tips, continue below:




Quest Story: “Mermaid Magic has a long history in Atlantis, Are you good at it? I can show you some of it!”

Expected Duration: April 1 to April 8th, 2013!

Quest Icon Guide & Tips Items to Ask Rewards
Enchanting Atlantis Quest 1: Enchanting Atlantis
Get 7 Fish Treats
Harvest 100 Lava Lotus (16 Hrs)
Harvest Atlantis Palace 2 Times
Rewards: 150 XP, Blue Narwhal, 3000 Coins

Fish Treat Blue Narwhal
Tip: Harvest the Palace once a day or pay to harvest again immediately.
Lights and Lurkers Quest 2: Lights and Lurkers
Get 8 Jellyfish Lamps
Harvest 150 Manta Mushrooms (12 Hrs)
Harvest Blue Narwhal 2 Times
Rewards: 200 XP, Eel Cavern, 3500 Coins
Jellyfish Lamp Eel Cavern
Tip: Harvest the Blue Narwhal in Marine Observatory
Podded Ponds Quest 3: Podded Ponds
Get 9 Aquarium Tubings
Harvest 200 Jellyfruits (20 Hrs)
Make Lava Nachos 2 Times
Rewards: 250 XP, Pod Pond, 4000 Coins
Aquarium Tubing Pod Pond
Tip: Craft 2 Lava Nachos in Coral Cafe using 6 Lava Lotus, 4 Manta Mushroom, & 6 Pepper Bushels
Beckoning the Beaked Ones Quest 4: Beckoning the Beaked Ones
get 9 Torrent Flutes
Harvest 225 Coral (16 Hrs)
Master Blue Narwhal to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Rewards: 300 XP, Royal Atlantean Duck, 4500 Coins
Torrent Flutes Royal Atlantean Duck
Tip: Harvest the Blue Narwhal in Marine Observatory
Not-So-Dark Depths Quest 5: Not-So-Dark Depths
Get 11 Atlantis Fires
Harvest 250 Seawatermelon (12 Hrs)
Make Coral Cake 2 Times
Rewards: 350 XP, Lantern Pad Tree, 5000 Coins
Atlantis Fire Lantern Pad Tree
Tip: Craft 2 Coral Cakes in Coral Cafe using 6 Coral, 6 Jellyfruit, & 8 Blackberry Bushels
Harmony With Hippocamps Quest 6: Harmony With Hippocamps
Get 12 Bubble Teas
Harvest 275 Bubble Beans (1 Day)
Make Jellyfish Jam 1 Time
Rewards: 400 XP, Sea Hippocamp, 6000 Coins
Bubble Teas Sea Hippocamp
Tip: Craft 1 Jellyfish Jam in Coral Cafe using 3 Jellyfruit, 3 Seawatermelon, & 3 White Grape Bushels

Please Note:These quests are locked to the Atlantis farm, before doing anything (crafting,planting,harvesting etc) make sure that you’re doing it on the Atlantis farm. In case of any change to the requirements and rewards at the time of release by Zynga, we won’t be responsible, perhaps we’ll be sure to update our guide as soon as any update appears. The rewards and requirements are right as of now. Good Luck! 

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