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Hola Farmers! As you already heard so many rumors about the 10th farm, we are here to inform you that the rumors are getting closer to the reality and a 10th farm is on the way, most likely to be named as “Atlantis Farm”. 10th farm is going to be different from those of the previous 9 farms, this time there ain’t going to be any farming on the land or any other solid place, infact this time farming is going to be underwater, Yes you heard right, Farming Under Water!

Zynga is all set to roll out this farm as soon as the chapters of the Enchanted Glen(9th Farm) come to an end. Enchanted Glen farm is now near to be finished as most of the chapters have been finished, we expect the 10th farm to come out in a month from now (Between March – April).The 10th farm will be obviously having its own specifications,features and sceneires. We’ll be updating you throughout all the sneak peaks of the 10th farm.Previously zynga published a picture hinting the 10th farm in a survey, have a look on it above.
We also found some names of the animals and trees which are expected to be a part of the 10th farm. Those are listed below as well.

Atlantis Farm Animals:

  • Deep Sea cow & calf
  • Sponge cow & calf
  • Deep Sea horse & foal
  • Sea Weed horse & foal
  •  Poseidon pony & foal
  •  Mystical Hippocamp Merhorse & foal
  • Peganarwhal & foal
  •  Sea pegasus & foal
  •  Merunicorn & foal

Atlantis Farm Trees:

  •  Hypselodoris Nudibranch Tree
  • Tritonia Nudibranch Tree
  • Prism Coral Tree
  • Sea Urchin Cactus Tree
  • Thorny Sea Star Tree

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