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Farmville Sweet Acres Trees

 Farmville & Zynga are all set to release their new farm named as ”Sweet Acres”, the Candy Themed Farm. With the arrival of the new farm its very own trees will also ...

Farmville Celestial Pastures Trees

Farmville & Zynga have brought the next Farm – The Celestial Pastures aka Space Farm. The new farm will have all of its very own exclusive features. Here are all the trees ...
Pep Squad Pony Foal

Farmville Unreleased School Items: Animals & More

Farmville & Zynga maybe soon introducing some new School themed items. We’ve collected some images of the expected items, have a look below & Don’t forget to share ...
Perky Pegacorn Foal

Farmville Unreleased Coffee Items: Animals & More

Some new Coffee themed items have been spotted in the Farmville database which are yet to be released. These are coffee themed decorations, trees and animals. We’ve collected ...
Giant Black Wattle Tree

Farmville Australia Trees!

Australian Farm will be having its very own exclusive features & items. We’ve collected the images of the trees, which are expected to be a part of the Australian Farm. Have ...
Giant Rainbow Magnolia Tree

Farmville Hanging Gardens Trees

Following are the trees, which are expected to be a part of the Hanging Gardens Hover over the mouse pointer on the image to see the names!            
Giant Moonstone Guava

Farmville Unreleased Chain Linked Gem Trees!

Zynga is going to add a new set of chain linked trees and animals in the game soon. Chain linked trees and animals will probably cost you farm coins. We’ve collected some images ...
Vintage Telephone Tree

Farmville Unreleased Trees – March 15,2013

Farmville and Zynga have shown a number of unreleased trees in their database today, here is a list showing all the unreleased trees for now, have a look below & provide us the ...
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