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FarmVille Farm Showdown Tasks: 26th Sept, 2013 to 24th Oct, 2013

Hey Farmvillers! Farmville & Zynga have introduced the Farm Showdown tasks in the game. These tasks are a part of the Leaderboards but these are specific to the Mystical Groves ...

Farmville Leaderboards Update: 4th September, 2013 to 11th September, 2013

Farmville and Zynga are all set  to update the Leaderboards tasks on 4th of September, 2013. These tasks are divided into 3 parts namely Spice Wheel Fest, Sweet Teacups! and Tree Master. ...

Farmville Leaderboards Update 17th July to 24th July, 2013

Hey Farmvillers! Here is the Leaderboards update from 17th July to 22nd July. Have a look below to learn about these tasks. Task 1 Barcelona Daisy Fest! 6000 Harvests 3000 ...

Upcoming Leaderboards 20th February,2013

Here is what to expect in the next leaderboard’s challenge! Leaderboards Tasks February 20th,2013 1. Crop Master! Master Crops    2. Got Dairy! Harvest the Dairy Crafting ...
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