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Farmville Hanging Gardens: Garden Tool Shed Recipe & Crop Guide

Garden Tool Shed is going to be the Crafting Building in the Hanging Gardens. Here’s a chart showing the bushel combination required to craft the various recipes. The guide below ...
Large Square Tresure

Farmville Hanging Gardens Treasures

Hanging Gardens Farm will be featuring its very own treasures like the previous farms did. Farmers will require a specific number of Trowels to unwrap the Treasures. There will be two ...
Jade Waterfall

Farmville Hanging Gardens Buildings & Decorations

Have a look on the Hanging Gardens Decorations & Buildings Hover over the mouse pointer on the image to see the names!   
Giant Rainbow Magnolia Tree

Farmville Hanging Gardens Trees

Following are the trees, which are expected to be a part of the Hanging Gardens Hover over the mouse pointer on the image to see the names!            
Golden Winged Pony Foal

Farmville Hanging Gardens Animals

Have a look on the animals of the Hanging Gardens! Please don’t forget to share with friends! Hover over the mouse pointer on the image to see the names!            

Claim a Free Unwither!

Here’s an unwither for all the farmers from Zynga, click on the image below and get it. Limit is one per farm, Please don’t forget to share when you get one!

Farmville Hanging Gardens First Look

Farmville & Zynga have brought up another farm, this time a new era is going to be established with a different kind of farm, the intro video and travel screen have been spotted. ...

Farmville Buildable Spring Garden

Hey Farmvillers! Remember the old spring garden? well the buildable is coming back to the game soon, Farmville & Zynga are all set to roll it out, once you build it, you’ll ...
The April Finale

Farmville The April Fool Quest Guide & Tips

Next All Farm Quests – The April Fool Have Shown Up! Are you ready to play guys? well the Jimmy is here once again. Continue below to our full guide! Expected Duration of These ...

FarmVille 2 Free Farm Cash: General Electric!

GE and Zynga have teamed up for a 2 Free Farm Cash offer. The limited time Sponsored Link can be found under your game window while playing FarmVille. When clicking the link, a small ...
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