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Farmville Gilda’s Crop Challenge Guide!

Zynga has added a new challenge to Farmville named as ”Gilda’s Crop Challenge”. It’s just like a set of mini quests, you’ll have to plant and harvest different ...
seaweed horse

Farmville Atlantis Farm Early Access Info!

Farmville and Zynga have finally revealed the release dates and the early access information for the upcoming 10th farm -The Atlantis. The Early Access will be available around 4th ...

Farmville Atlantis Farm – Everything You Need to Know!

Farmville & Zynga have finally shown their next farm ( the 10th farm – under water) Atlantis Farm. The new farm is going to have its very own exclusive features like featured ...

Atlantis Farm Levels & Double Shell Points!

The level up system on the new Atlantis Farm is going to be different from other farms, Farmers will be using Shell Points to increase their levels. There will be double shell points ...
Stage 9

Farmville Atlantis Farm Buildable – Atlantis Palace!

One of the main and awesome featured buildable of the Atlantis Farm is here – named as ”Atlantis Palace”. You’ll be able to harvest the Atlantis Palace once ...
Stage 7

Farmville Atlantis Farm Buildable – Atlantis Garden!

Atlantis Farm will be probably having its own exclusive features, and here is one of those exclusive features named as ”Atlantis Garden”. You’ll have to upgrade your ...

Atlantis Farm – Marine Observatory for Crafting Marine Animals!

Farmville and Zynga are going to introduce an exclusive animal workshop to the new Atlantis farm named as ”Marine Observatory”. You’ll be able to craft different animals ...

Farmville Atlantis Farm – The Treasures!

Atlantis farm is going to have some hidden treasures as well, you’ll be able to claim various rewards upon opening the hidden treasures. Have a look below on all types of the ...

Farmville Atlantis Farm Crafting Cottage!

Here’s the Crafting Cottage of the upcoming farm in which you’ll be crafting the goods :D 
Platinum Black Pearl

Farmville Atlantis Farm Unwither Rings!

Atlantis Farm’s Exclusive Unwither Rings Are Here! Have A Look Below! Hover over on the image to see the names!    
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