List/Grid Monthly Archives: January 2013

Storm Pegasus

Farmville Enchanted Glen Chapter 5 Quests Guide

Farmville and Zynga will be putting Enchanted Glen Chapter 5 soon to the game, below is a full guide to the 6 quests of upcoming chapter along the best possible tips. Expected duration ...

Farmville Enchanted Glen Chapter 4 Quests Guide!

Expected duration of these quests is from 28th January, 2013 to 4th February, 2013. Images Guide will be posted soon as well. Quest 1: Unlearn What You Have Learned Get 6 Soothing ...

Farmville Enchanted Glen Chapter 3 Quests Guide

Expected duration of the quests is from 21st January, 2013 to 28th January, 2013 Please Note:These quests are locked to the Enchanted Glen farm, before doing anything (crafting,planting,harvesting ...

Farmville The Perfect Gift Quest Guide!

The Perfect Gift quests are the next all farm quests to hit the game. Zeke is here ad he has been looking all over the place for a perfect gift for Truffles, and i asking desparately ...
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